Irene is here since the start, as she founded the clinic back in 2007.  With over 10 years experience Irene has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to cosmetic and skincare and unwanted hair growth issues.  She would be happy to share that experience and advise you on the best treatment for your concern.


Teresa joined the Clinic in 2010, previously working in the laser and beauty industry for many years.  Teresa carries out all treatments offered at the clinic and is a particular whizz at the new Radio-Frequency Skin Tightening and Body Contouring machine, she would be happy to talk you through how the treatment works.


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Shadi joined us in 2013 with over 10 years experience she has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Laser & Skincare.  She is passionate about her work and results driven.  Book in for a free consultation with Shadi to discuss your skincare concerns.


Marguerite joined us in 2015, after running her own treatment rooms for over 10 years.  Marguerite brings a wealth of client experience to the clinic.  She would be delighted to make a treatment plan to suit your needs.  Book in for your free consultation.