Dr.Murad Skincare Facials

Dr Murad clinically proven facials are tailor made to suit your individual needs combining the most advanced, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients with the latest skincare technology for instantly youthful, radiant, flawless skin. Revitalize your skin, relax your mind and discover a dramatic improvement in your appearance whilst restoring skin to its healthiest.

There are a variety of facials to choose from- if your unsure which would be suitable our skincare specialists would be happy to advise you.

Redness Reduction Treatment (60 minutes)

Rosacea-like redness and sensitivity can be embarrassing and painful to those who suffer from it. Murad’s Redness Therapy® products provide skin with agents that help calm, cool and soothe current symptoms,
soothing skin through the science of cellular water™. Whether a redness flare-up is triggered by exposure to stress, sun, wind or extreme temperatures, this breakthrough treatment provides fast relief to calm and soothe easily inflamed, sensitive skin. This 1 hour facial begins with a sooting cleanser followed by two intensely calming and cooling facial masks, all products used are rich in anti oxidant and anti inflammatory ingredients making it ideal for those who suffer from occasional or persistent redness.


Resurgance Facial Treatment (60 minutes)

Restore the luminous glow you used to know with this 1 hour facial. It is ideal if you suffer from a combination of dry skin, fine lines, loss of elasticity, dullness and perhaps even occasional hormonal breakouts. Advanced collagen building technology boosts elasticity and resilience to reduce the appearance of fine lines while gentle fruit based exfoliators remove build up of dead skin and stimulate cellular turn-over. Luxurious and lasting hydration restores suppleness, texture and tone. After one treatment, you’ll see that youthful Murad glow.

Vitamin C Infusion Facial Treatment (60 minutes)


Environmental and Sun exposure creates a broad range of problems for your skin, that’s why this antioxidant-rich treatment is formulated to restore clarity, texture, elasticity and firmness, while fading pigmentation and smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. Dr. Murad’s patented infusion technology delivers pure Vitamin C directly into the skin for maximum results. See a significant improvement in just one treatment. Suitable as a stand alon treatment or it can be used as part of a maintaince program following IPL pigmentation treatments. Your skin specialists will advice you of a program at your consultation.

Acne Complex Facial Treatment-(60 minutes) 

Acne breakouts are complex, that’s why this facial is designed to reduce acne blemishes and improve skin clarity and while instantly soothing redness and inflammation. This professional-strength acne treatment features exfoliating fruit enzymes to open clogged pores for deep cleansing and extraction without irritation. Suitable for all levels of acne severity, this acne treatment is also available as part of our “Back clearing treatment”  to help control breakouts on the back and chest.

Back Clearing Treatment (30 minutes)



This Treatment is popular for dealing with breakouts, acne or blemishes on the back and shoulders. We use Dr. Murads Clarifying products to eliminate bacteria from the affected area. We begin by cleansing any impurities from the skin, next we will exfoliate any dead skin that may be blocking the pores, this is then followed by extractions to remove blackheads and clear blocked pores, this is then followed by a mask and your skin specialist will recommend a homecare program for you. This treatment can also be used for the chest area if affected

Pom-Power Pore Cleansing Facial (60 minutes)

Boost the benefits of your daily skincare regime with a deep cleansing pomegranate facial to power-away impurities and remove dead cells while the anti-oxidant pomegranate targets damaging free radicals. Deep down cleaning for healthier, blemish-free skin. A great introduction to skincare for teenage skin.


Murad Man Face Treatment (30 minutes)

Specifically designed for men, this all-inclusive treatment immediately soothes, deeply cleans clogged pores and removes dullness. Active hydrators plump the skin and reinforce skin’s natural protective barrier.



Teen Clean Facial Treatment (30minutes)

This quick 30 minute skincare treatment is gentle enough for young skin yet effective enough to kill bacteria and aid healing in the skin. We begin by washing away any impurities on the surface of the skin, followed by a gentle exfoliation to remove build up of dead skin and bacteria; next blackheads will be removed followed by a mask if required. We use this facial to introduce teenagers to skincare and to give advice on the best routine for their skin. Our skincare specialist will design a homecare program to keep the skin in good condition.

Cleanse and Extract Treatment (30 minutes)

During this 30 minute treament we focus on extracting blackhead build up. This is useful for an oily skin or if you are prone to open pores. We advise against blackhead removal at home as this can often lead to marks and blemishes on the skin. This is a quick treatment ideal if your main concern is blocked pores.



Intensive Wrinkle Reducer Rapid Peel (60mins)

One of our most popular treatments at the clinic. This is more than just a peel- this is part of the new generation exfoliation processes. For a swift and dramatic reduction of the appearance of wrinkles, whilst infusing the skin with long lasting hydration. This clinically proven facial will leave your skin brighter, smoother and firmer after just one treatment.


AHA Rapid Exfoliator Facial (60 minutes)

Uniquely formulated to reduce the visible signs of ageing, this excellent exfoliating treatment will dramatically reduce lines and wrinkles and improve tone. A unique blend of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and hydrators soothe and smooth the skin to reveal brighter, softer, healthier and younger-looking skin.